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Rechargeable Mini Electric Chainsaw

Rechargeable Mini Electric Chainsaw - MyElectricSaw

Rechargeable Mini Electric Chainsaw

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Cut Smarter with our Electric Chainsaw!

Save TIME & ENERGY while Cleaning and Trimming


We have a solution for YOU!

Let our Rechargeable Mini Chainsaw do ALL the work for you!

Our Rechargeable Mini Chainsaw is the BEST cordless electric Chainsaw on the market. It will help you finish your garden needs with Less Effort & provide a better trimming experience!


Our Rechargeable Mini Chainsaw is made with a pure copper motor, so it has very strong power, allowing you to cut branches,leaves and trees with EASE!


It's the perfect size! You can also use it with one hand!

 A high quality guide plate chain achieves a deep quenching, more wear-resistant, and smoother cutting process.


The K6 battery we use allows our device to be used cordlessly with an uninterrupted cutting session lasting up to 4-6 hours long after fully charged!


Material: ABS+metal
K6 Battery: 1 * lithium battery, 24V, 2000mAh(included)/21V, 2000mAh
Power: 550W/ 850w
Guide plate length: 4 inch

Chain speed: 5m/s & 8m/s

Package Includes:
1 * Charger

1 * Wrench
1 * Screwdriver
1 * User Manual

1 * Electric Cutting Machine
1 * Battery

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Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews
John Hemmings
I didn't expect much, was pleasantly surprised.

I was very skeptical of spending this kind of money on a Facebook product, especially with how many scams are going around. I've been burned before in the past by fraudulent sellers. I was pleasantly surprised. Good heft, seems to be quality made. Have now used the tool for a couple of 2-3 hour sessions, few hundred cuts and didn't even use the whole battery. Cut smooth and strong, will actually take soft woods (pine, acacia, kajaput, etc.) larger than advertised. Sure saves my 75 year old, arthritic hands from the manual hand loppers. So far I'm really pleased.

Kylie Botsford
Perfect for my usage

Pleasantly surprised. It works very well for cutting my olive branches. I've been using it for 1 hour and the battery hasn't run out. I don't know how long it will last, but I am very surprised by this saw. It doesn't have auto lubrication, I grease it with a syringe periodically, I don't know if it will last longer.

Tom White
Makes heavy pruning a light breeze

I have a five-acre property and am an avid gardener in addition to having an orchard. These pruners are the best, keeping my geezer hands happy and increasing my pruning productivity. I am a huge fan. For delicate pruning and shaping I'll still use my Felco hand pruners, but for the orchard and rose brushes and small trees, these pruning shears have no match in ease of use, operation, and comfort. They are so sharp, quick, and powerful that I keep my idle left hand far away from the pruners, either in my pocket or to my side. Be careful.

Trevor Connelly
Ideal mini chain saw to prune tree edges

My wife was searching for a mini chain saw to use while she does her gardening and most specifically to cut tree edges. After went through several products decided to try this specific product with good specifications.
This mini chain saw is very light weight and made with strong plastic and metal material. It has a strong built as well powerful motor. The saw edge is very strong and it cut tree edges with seconds. Very easy to handle and even my wife use this for hours with out any exertion to hand.
Another important feature is the rechargeable battery that last for 6-8 hours and it can easily use to cut all tree edges in my large size garden.
The design provides strong grip and not gives any pain to hand while use. Even I use this mini chain saw for some small wood works that I had to do and it can be used for any type of wood cutting process.
Overall I am really happy with the product and would like to recommend this for anyone who is looking for a good quality mini chain saw.

Vincent Bron
Wow its amazing ! It work very well !

wow this one battery saw is really handy. it works very very well. I am surprised by the capacity of the battery and the strength of the saw. easy to maneuver and very light, I don't do without this saw when I go out in the forest. this is the perfect tool for pruning branches from a tree. you would do the work in 4 times less time. I love this high quality product and I recommend it for its value for money


This was a gift for my son. He loves it because it is light and cuts perfectly. I will buy another one as a gift to my other son.

Nancy J.

At first I was skeptic because this product looks perfect... but I purchased and has been the best purchase in a long time! It has helped me with my gardening so much, as I am getting old and it is more tiring to use my hands. Thank you

Laura M.

It cuts amazingly good, very happy customer also amazing customer service and fast shipping.

Austin T.
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